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Community Service
Who I've trained


Customer Service:
While working at Home Depot, customer service has been drilled into my head. I have learned that the main reason I am there is to make the customer as happy as I can. Not all customers are going to leave happy, but it is my job to make sure I did all I could.

Computer Programs:
I have learned to excell at different computer programs.
To be specific:
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook

Manager Training:
While moving up to Head Cashier I had to go through the correct manager training. I wass not allowed to get keys or passwords unless I went through this training. This taught me how to handle the cashier professionally. How not to have favorites and treat everyone equally. I also learned how to deal with unhappy customers.

Lead Generator:
This is a program used at Home Depot for their Home Services. I have learn how to be an effective sales person. If a customer comes up and wants new siding, I have the skills to tell them how we do it and the perks of getting it done at Home Depot.

Contractor Services:
I have learned that contractors are different from everyday customers. I learned that their needs are different then others. This taught me how to change my attitude towards the different categories that we have in the store.

Product Knowledge:
There are over 20,000 products at Home Depot. Product Knowledge is a program that we do. This takes us into each department that we have and go over the products that they have in that department. Even thgouh I'm not going to learn all the products in the department, I will know the most popular ones.

Cut Keys, Cut Blinds, Mix Paint:
These are simple task that are done in different departments that are taught to assoicates who are willing to learn them. This is done so that if another associate is busy then someone else can help with these simple task.

Holiday Readiness:
With the holidays approaching, it means colder weather and Christmas trees. During these times we have a cashier outside to sell the Christmas trees. We have to be knowledgable about the different kinds of trees as well as the safety of cutting the fresh trunk.